5 tips to shop without pain this Christmas

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Did you know that an average woman's handbag can weigh over 5lbs?

Our handbags and indeed men's bags can have so much in them, (almost the kitchen sink) that we need to be aware how it can cause pain in our bodies.


We carry our handbags with us most of the time but especially for shopping, it is a huge pastime for many people and with Christmas a couple of weeks away we are doing even more of it as our brains are conditioned into wanting to touch, feel and smell what we buy, whether that be food or presents for family and friends. Shopping local is encouraged in the times we live in to help our community So here are five tips to help avoid stress, pains, and strains this Christmas.


  1. Many people have repetitive strain injuries, neck and shoulder pain and tension headaches and wonder how it happened but don’t realise that it was through carrying laptop bags or handbags that are too heavy on the same side all the time. If that, is you then first thing is to declutter your handbag and only have essentials in there? If you have a baby, then have a separate small bag, with a nappy or two and mini versions of your nappy cream and wipes in there.


  1.  If you do wear a shoulder bag or have your bag on your elbow, change it to your other shoulder/ side from time to time during the day, by doing this you are allowing the shoulder and arm to rest by taking the pressure off.  Wearing a cross body bag? This also needs to be treated the same as if it is heavy, it can pull your body sideways. So, do change sides and keep your shoulders back.


  1.  Another good solution is to have a backpack that is across both shoulders and ties around your waist for smaller items, helping your sanity, security, and body. You will need to pull your shoulders back which happens naturally when using your core. Using your core muscles to support and protect your back means they are getting a workout too.


  1. In fact, the best way to carry your handbag but not the most idea when shopping is by a small handle in your hand. You are exercising your hand by working on grip strength, something we seem to not do as much the more time we spend on our computers. Carry it in a loose grip and let your arm swing with your shoulders relaxed back and pulled down.


  1. Coffee and food breaks can help too as when you are sitting down, it is time to do some simple stretches on your shoulders and arms. Let your body guide you to what it needs. When doing a lot of shopping, go back to the car every so often with it, so you are not carrying lots of weight, also good for security as less to manage and you will get more steps in, getting you to your daily goal quicker. Lastly, go early in the morning so town is quiet, and you can focus on what you are doing and make a list so that you know what you are getting, thus spending less time in town, and making more time for you.


If you do have aches or pains in your shoulder, arms, or hand do come and see me as I can help you through massage and giving you stretches to allow you to become pain free.

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