TMJ Therapy

What is TMJ Therapy?

TMJ stands for the Temporomandibular joint.

Apart from describing the joint itself, it is used to describe a number of diseases and disorders associated with the joint. It also has other names including TMJ pain and dysfunction syndrome (TPMD), Myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome (MPD) and Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) but is now referred to as TMJ.

TMJ disorders and diseases are a poorly understood and complex set of conditions that can cause pain in the jaw joint and muscles around them and give problems using the jaw. One or both sides can be affected and can affect a person's ability to speak, eat, chew, swallow and breathe.

What are the Symptoms of Temporomandibular joint

Pain is the most common symptom of the Temporomandibular joint, which can be a dull aching pain in the join or nearby areas including the ear that comes and goes, however some people have no pain at all but still have jaw problems.

Other symptoms of TMJ

Other symptoms of TMJ include, being unable to open the jaw properly, clicking, popping, or grating sounds in the jaw joint and locking of the jaw joint when attempting to open the mouth.

Headaches, A bite that feels uncomfortable or off, neck, shoulder, and back pain, swelling on the side of the face.

You can also suffer with ringing in the ears, ear pain, decreased hearing, dizziness, and vision problems.

Causes of TMJ and how can I help?

Much of the problem is muscular, simple cases are overuse from chewing gum continuously, biting (pencils or fingers) and grinding or clenching habits, caused at times by stress and anxiety. Other causes can be forms of arthritis, injuries to the area, dental procedures, genetics, hormones, low level infections, auto-immune diseases and stretching of the jaw as occurs with a breathing tube insertion in hospital.

Trigger points are found all over the head, neck and shoulders and can be treated easily and pain free. Pain mostly is from the soft tissue in the area on which the trigger point work can be done as well as myofascial release work, including some intra-oral work performed with a gloved hand and to your comfort level, allowing the tissue to release. Treatments can be carried out in person and seated or on my treatment table or I can do online consultations with you where we work together online to achieve a desired outcome, with that you’ll have access to TMJ SOS online, an online system to help you at home.

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