Scar tissue is created when new cell layers form after an injury or surgery. It can cause profound physical and emotional problems.

ScarWork is a hands-on, gentle therapy that uses specialised techniques to soften the tissue and help fade the scar.

The light, non-invasive techniques include multi-directional skin stretches, strokes and digital or palm pressure that help reorganise the fascia and integument in both new and old scar tissue.


After treatment, scars often appear smaller, flatter, lighter and less prominent. In addition to the positive physical changes, it can also lead to improvements in psychological and emotional wellbeing. This holistic therapy can begin following a post-operative check-up, approximately six to eight weeks post-surgery. It is never too late to start work on a scar; remarkable changes to 40-year-old scar tissue are commonplace. Nerve impairment such as numbness, pain, itching, irritation and extreme sensitivity may also improve as blood circulation, and the lymphatic and nervous systems are stimulated. An additional benefit of ScarWork is an improved function and movement in scars, the surrounding tissue and joints.

StarWork Can improve skin tissue following:


    • Knee or hip replacements
    • Skin grafts
    • Facial scarring
    • Foot surgery
    • Abdominal surgery
    • Appendix or gall bladder removal
    • Caesarean section
    • Hysterectomy
    • Breast surgery
    • Spinal surgery
    • Achilles tendon surgery
    • Childhood injury
    • Port-a-cath and tube/drain sites
    • Carcinoma and melanoma removal scars
    • Open heart surgery scar
    • Tummy tuck surgery
    • Burns
    • Road traffic and other accidents

ScarWork will not help:

    • Keloid scars
    • Stretch marks
    • Acne scars


ScarWork should be avoided over areas containing certain types of surgical mesh and is not advised during pregnancy. For people receiving oncology treatment or those within five years of a cancer diagnosis, a doctor's written consent is required before treatment commences.

Please speak to me if you have or have had cancer before booking a treatment.

To discuss your scar and how ScarWork could benefit you, contact me on 00353873965469 or use the form below and I will call you back shortly.

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