Take Time For Yourself Journal

Do you find hard to make time for yourself?

Do you feel you do everything for everyone else and have nothing left for yourself?

If so, then this is the journal for you!

Starting with the wheel of life so you can visually see where you are now. Moving onto the pages for goalsetting in both your personal and working life, you get the chance to plan what you want for the next 3 months.

You have pages for positivity, planning, and habit formation, then tips for meditation, followed by two pages a day for a month, one to journal your thoughts and the other to record your water intake, exercise, mood, sleep, social media, and gratitude. You can even start to track your weight loss should you want to with my separate food and mood journal and of course join my Take Time For Yourself group on Facebook, to receive more support.

The journal contains everything for the 1st month, then you can download extra pages for the next 2 months if you choose to do so.

You can buy the journal here by filling out the details in this link.

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